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We are seeing a vast increase in the variety of kinds of activities and information available to individuals. This does not just facilitate human freedom, it effectively is human freedom in the sense of there being an increasing variety of possible states of human experience and actions. But on the other hand, constraints are introduced from the global level through economic and technological processes, and “canalization” and self-organizing around norms, protocols, and economic structures.

33rd Square | Did Kurzweil Leave Out An Acronym To Describe Singularity Technology?

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In the case of artificial intelligence, it seems a reasonable prediction that some time in this or the next century intelligence will escape from the constraints of biology.

Quote by Cambridge philosophy professor Huw PriceCambridge.  Quote found at website article “Cambridge to study technology’s risk to humans” (via horizonwatching)

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Robert Hanson, Associate Professor of Economics at George Mason University, speculates on how systems of class might operate between artificially intelligent machines. Speed and efficiency would be most rewarded, in Hanson’s view, while interaction skills with humans would be least valued. (via Robin Hanson: Extraordinary Society of Emulated Mi –


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To me this is the situation we as humans have found ourselves in over the last century. Turns out we are survival machines created by ancient replicators, DNA, to produce as many copies of them as possible. This is the bitter pill that science has offered us in response to our questions about where we came from and what it all means.

Rapture of the nerds: will the Singularity turn us into gods or end the human race? | The Verge

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The tricksters, the freaks, the surrealists, the hedonists, the outsiders — and all the uncodable strangeness that emerges from the biological codes’ diversification into cultural complexity and then into something as perverse and rationally pointless as a multilayered prank in a cinematic celebrity culture — must hijack the engineer’s Singularity and recode it or uncode it so as to allow for liminal spaces outside its totalizing grasp. We live in a time in which seemingly smart humans love to present us with absolute dualistic options: Republican or Democrat, socialist or free market; believer or atheist; Britney or Christina; Science or Superstition. These discourses are dominant even among an intellectual class that used to know better; and the notion that there could be terrain outside those frames becomes, well, not exactly unthinkable but somehow too trivial to consider as anything but a sideshow. I’m aware of the risk here in even implying that the instantiation of the biases of the engineering monkey mind over everything is a conscious or unconscious intention that undergirds much of the Singularitarian sensibility. Singularitarianism and — more broadly — transhumanism — has produced a veritable glut of abstract theorizing, so whatever novel perceptions or objections or concerns one may think one is bringing to the party, some smarty pants has probably swatted it away or incorporated it into its logical totality.

Steal This Singularity: Entry #1 | KurzweilAI

Is the Singularity near? “Well, some amazing changes that are fantastically big and fantastically fast are coming our way,” says noted futurist Alvin Toffler in the much-anticipated movie, The Singularity Is Near, A True Story About the Future, produced by Ray Kurzweil, available today. The Singularity is Near stars Ramona, played by NCIS star Pauley Perrette, a superintelligent avatar (artificial-intelligence- based, human-like virtual person) created by AI wizard Ray Kurzweil (played by himself). Ramona desperately wants to be accepted legally as a human, but faces immediate shutdown by the authorities. So she turns to (who else?) famous civil liberties lawyer Alan Dershowitz (played by himself) and seeks coaching by Tony Robbins (also played by himself) to discover what it means to be human. These dramatic scenes punctuate an investigation of our amazing future by Kurzweil in dialogue with 19 “big thinkers,” who explore the impacts of the rapidly accelerating amazing technologies ahead, enriched with animations and graphics. The movie will be available today at 3 p.m. ET, 12 noon PT, exclusively through via downloading, DVD, or deluxe box set (including the feature film and more than three hours of bonus material, behind-the-scenes footage, and extended interviews). Director: Anthony Waller (Mute Witness, An American Werewolf In Paris, The Guilty) Producer: Ray Kurzweil Executive Producer: Martine Rothblatt A Terasem Motion Infoculture presentation in association with, based on Ray Kurzweil’s New York Times bestselling book The Singularity Is Near.

The Singularity Is Near movie available today | KurzweilAI

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In the next five years or so it will be possible to build lifelike robots. These robots will look, move, and feel like fellow humans — but, unless the technological singularity comes early, these robots won’t be excellent conversationalists. According some recent research, though, they will make fantastic prostitutes. If you’ve ever read a sci-fi novel or spent a little time thinking about the future, the concept of having sex with a robot probably doesn’t surprise you — I mean, it’s going to happen eventually, right? If you’re like me, though, you probably thought about having sex with a cyborg, an intelligent robot that is convincingly human — something like that hot blonde from Battlestar Galactica (pictured above), or Data from Star Trek — not some dumb sexbot. (via Do humans dream of android prostitutes? | ExtremeTech)