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Throughout human evolution, multiple versions of humans co-existed. Could we be mid-upgrade now?

At TEDxSummit, Juan Enriquez sweeps across time and space to bring us to the present moment — and shows how technology is revealing evidence that suggests rapid evolution may be under way.

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“This house wants to defeat ageing entirely”
Dr Aubrey de Grey (proposing) and Professor Colin Blakemore (opposing)

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A public debate organized by Oxford University Science Society, held in the Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford on April 25th, 2012.

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SAM HARRIS IS THE AUTHOR of the New Work Times bestsellers, The Moral Landscape, The End of Faith and Letter to a Christian Nation. His new book is short (96) pages, to the point, and will change the way we all view free will, as Oliver Sacks wrote: “Brilliant and witty – and never less than incisive – Free Will shows that Sam Harris can say more in 13,000 words than most people do in 100,000.” UCSD neuroscientist V.S, Ramachandran notes: “In this elegant and provocative book, Sam Harris demonstrates – with great intellectual ferocity and panache – that free will is an inherently flawed and incoherent concept, even in subjective terms. If he is right, the book will radically change the way we view ourselves as human beings”

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John Boswell, of the “Symphony of Science,” came to TED2012 and made this remix of the speakers onstage (and on To read more about every speaker in this video, visit the TED Blog at

Great Fun + hope, with the “Symphony of Science”.

John Smart at Global Future 2045 Moscow,Race to Inner Space:

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John Smart, on Evo-Devo, Inner space, and the future of mankind.

In this new RSAnimate, renowned psychiatrist and writer Iain McGilchrist explains how our ‘divided brain’ has profoundly altered human behaviour, culture and society. Taken from a lecture given by Iain McGilchrist as part of the RSA’s free public events programme.

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Steven Pinker is the Harvard College Professor and Johnstone Family Professor of Psychology at Harvard University.

Drawing from psychology, history, brain science, war studies, game theory, complexity theory, and popular culture, Dr. Pinker explores where violence comes from, why it has been so common over the course of history, and how we have been slowly bringing it under control.