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Digital books, streaming music, apps that allow people to compare prices at brick-and-mortar stores with the price on  The more we talk about these things, the more I feel like we’re having the same conversation over and over again with a slightly new twist each time: how to think about the future and the co-evolution of society and technology in a time of rapid change. It’s not an easy conversation to have, and yet it’s really the foundation for everything from anti-piracy legislation like SOPA to understanding how the internet can have an impact on a musician’s paycheck.   Keep on reading

On 25 February 2011, a group of eminent researchers who work in arts and humanities disciplines in universities around the UK gathered in Cambridge for a conference called “The Arts and Humanities: Endangered Species?” In light of the present funding reforms to Higher Education, each was asked to give a seven minute talk about why the arts and humanities matter and what cultural and social benefits these subjects bring. Some stressed their contribution to self-knowledge and the ability and freedom to ask questions; others on the dangers of the current reforms and the threat they pose to British higher education as a whole. The films in this playlist offer YouTube viewers a chance to hear what each of them had to say.

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Influential pioneer who defined the alternate reality entertainment genre worldwide. Sean Stewart is an award-winning science fiction novelist, a groundbreaking figure in transmedia storytelling, and the most experienced and influential writer of Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) in the world. A graduate of the University of Alberta in Edmonton and currently based in California, Sean has founded four genre defining companies including 42 Entertainment and Fourth Wall Studios, behind ARG campaigns including The Beast, I Love Bees, Year Zero, and Vanishing Point (Microsoft). In publishing, he has continued to push the envelope of the traditional novel with the transmedia Cathys Book, a New York Times and international bestseller currently published in twenty countries and a dozen languages around the world. For more information about this TEDxTalk or TEDxEdmonton, visit

Dissatisfied with a recent PBS Frontline piece on the “Digital Nation”, Mr. Despres went to Second Life & was impressed how teachers in the trenches use technology to transform American education. Draxtor thought we were doomed, but now – optimism has returned!

Aphorism enthusiast and author James Geary waxes on a fascinating fixture of human language: the metaphor. Friend of scribes from Aristotle to Elvis, metaphor can subtly influence the decisions we make, Geary says.

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Is the beloved paper dictionary doomed to extinction? In this infectiously exuberant talk, leading lexicographer Erin McKean looks at the many ways today’s print dictionary is poised for transformation.
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Philosopher and BHA Distinguished Supporter, A C Grayling, speaks at the Darwin, Humanism and Science Day Conference on the 6th June