About K21st

K21st is created as a nexus of information and points of view, to allow us to be better prepared and more equipped to deal with the world in its accelerating change. K21st aims to aggregate the best of the best of new knowledge, fresh insights, contemporary visions and technological innovations.
The main themes here will be:

* Science, Technology and Futurism
* Brain and Neuroscience
* Biology, Biotechnology, Genetics and Medicine
* Environment
* Physics and Philosophy
* Art and Design
* Artificial Intelligence
* Systems and Complexity
* The Web

Futurism, as its name implies, deals with the future, yet in our case the future is here, now, and for this state of affairs to come to fruition we need an appropriate knowledge reference.
That is where K21st enters the picture. We wish to join the large and growing community of bloggers and web sites that lead the way, see our links collection for that.

We need be curious, curious not only about that which was, and that which is but more importantly curious of that which we are becoming and that which we may or will become, individually, as a society, and as a species.
As the lattice grows and information flows, our minds converge, into a single, fiercely independent, decidedly autonomous, highly intelligent, and self-propelling emergent infoverse. To this infoverse K21st is to be a compass of sorts, a beacon and maybe an inspiration.

The future promises to be not only more fantastic than what we have imagined, but probably more interesting than what we could have believed just a few years ago.

Enjoy, share and contribute.

K21st –the team

contact us: k21st admin

  1. Irradiatus says:

    Truly excellent blog! I’m amazed I haven’t found it before.

    Keep up the excellent work.

  2. I agree with Irradiatus. You have a visually beautiful site with a comprehensive set of information for the readers in our community. I’m a subscriber now!

  3. Wildcat says:

    Thank you , we do try to keep up

  4. I have added this blog to my top priority knowledge reading material.

    Toward more arts/design/aesthetics!

  5. Wildcat says:

    Thank you Natasha, glad to know you find our efforts worthwhile, there is no doubt that Arts/Aesthetics and design will converge with science and technology to allow us a greater horizon of evolution.

  6. […] new project starting on the K21st – blog: ”The project  will  expose and promote futuristic art works and artists who are […]

  7. Margaret says:

    This blog is packed with interesting content! You must never sleep.

  8. michael~ says:

    keep up the important work or I will make myself invisible and do crazy dances for no one’s amusement…

  9. John Egan Preston Jr. says:

    Keep being awesome (that’s all, carry on…)

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