Posted: June 20, 2012 by Wildcat in Uncategorized
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Usually when an EEG sensor headset graces these pages, it’s used to peer into your thoughts or grant the wearer the power to control other gadgets with his or her mind. While such uses have appeal, start-up company Axio has a new EEG headband that aims to help you learn to better control your own brain. It tracks your level of mental focus in real-time and provides positive reinforcement audio feedback when you’re mentally locked in. The neoprene band packs a trio of electrodes, a PCB with a Bluetooth radio and audio out, and a battery pack to power everything. It works by identifying the brainwave readings that correlate to ideal executive function in your pre-frontal cortex and shooting that data to your computer or phone via Bluetooth. Axio’s software then shows an onscreen graph that charts your focus level in real-time, and for folks who prefer a more literal tracking method, there’s a photo above the chart that moves in and out of focus along with your mind. Additionally, the headband provides pleasing audio neurofeedback when you’re focused in order to train you to stay mentally engaged. (via Axio’s EEG headband helps you teach your brain to focus (hands-on) — Engadget)


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