Posted: June 11, 2012 by Wildcat in Uncategorized

‘qumarion’ is a mannequin input device that lets users pose and manipulate CGI models simply by interacting with the doll itself. the system uses custom ‘quma’ technology, wherein 32 sensors located on the joints of the 30 centimeter tall mannequin automatically transfer information in realtime to the 3D modeling application, at 120 fps. the use of 16 different joints offer human-like flexibility to the doll. the project represents the collaborative efforts of softether (associated with the computer software department of the university of tsukuba) and vivienne at the university of electro-communications, both in japan. illustration software producers celsys is currently developing production-ready software for ‘qumarion’, with the intention to release the device and software together by late 2012, at an estimated cost of 750 USD. (via qumarion – 3D CGI animation using physical mannequin)


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