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Cycling in the rain wearing jeans used to be unthinkable, but not any more thanks to innovations in fabric technology. The new Commuter range from Levi’s, designed specifically for the urban cyclist, is water resistant and dirt repellent, while offering just the right amount of stretch for mobility. Coming in a work shirt, trousers, jeans and trucker jacket, they are an example of the growing trend for performance apparel – a blend of function and fashion, where outdoor functionality meets urban style. One of the key components of the Commuter range is NanoSphere Technology, invented by Swiss textile company Schoeller, which allows water to simply run off the surface of the denim. This also works for ketchup, honey, coffee or red wine. If they don’t run off, they can easily be rinsed off. NanoSphere textiles require less frequent washing and can be washed at lower temperatures. As fashion brands like Levi’s make their garments more functional, the trend is reciprocated with streetwear style influencing outdoor and ski products. (via Nanotechnology and style unite |


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