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In Clouds, an upcoming documentary exploring the beauty of code, the talking heads on screen appear to be floating in thin air. Images of prominent hackers and artists, shot using a Microsoft Kinect sensor attached to a digital SLR, appear as points suspended in space that emerge, dissolve and reappear. The exclusive clip above, which was shot at the Eyeo Festival this week in Minneapolis and features artists Casey Reas, Shantell Martin and Theodore Watson, demonstrates the filmmakers’ innovative technique. The look of Clouds was designed to match the subject matter. “It’s like painting an ice sculpture,” said media artist James George, who is creating the film with Jonathan Minard, a fellow at Carnegie-Mellon’s Studio for Creative Inquiry. “You have a sculpture — the volume data — and we use the SLR to color the data. The combination of the two creates the effect.” (via Clouds, a Documentary Shot With Kinect, Explores Beauty of Code | Underwire |


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