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“It’s the first time in history images have been stored in a non-solid and then played back – and the paper’s title, Temporally Multiplexed Storage of Images in a Gradient Echo Memory, inspired a YouTube tribute.

As yet, there are not many practical uses for the technique, which stores information in tiny vials of rubidium, by beaming  light into a 20cm long tube. To play back, the magnetic field is flipped backwards, the control beam turned back on, and the atoms start to move in the opposite direction.

The point? There is one, beyond simply creating a new storage medium, and presumably inspiring George Lucas to re-release the Star Wars films in gaseous form. The gas can store ‘quantum’ information – and once it’s refined, could be a crucial building block for the computers of the future. 

‘The big thing here,’ said Lett, ‘is that this allows us to do images and do pulses (instead of individual photons) and it can be matched (hopefully) to our squeezed light source, so that we can soon try to store ‘quantum images’ and make essentially a random access memory for continuous variable quantum information.”

(via Could we INHALE the movies of the future? Scientists encode moving pictures into a gas – and inspire a YouTube song | Mail Online)


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