Posted: May 30, 2012 by Wildcat in Uncategorized
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There aren’t enough bionic men on the planet to produce a proper stereotype. Even so, David the Farmer seems atypical. Ruddy, red-haired, and impossibly cheerful, he meets us on the ­gravel path outside his workshop. What I was expecting—a grizzled retiree limping stiffly through his daily chores—bears no resemblance to this 30-something mechanic climbing down from a massive tractor without hesitation, weaving between ATVs and scattered engine parts, moving from task to task with no evidence that he’s part machine. After a few minutes, there are clues, though: He always turns on his right leg, and his pants gather around his left ankle, hinting at a limb that’s slightly skeletal and decidedly nonbiological. (via Smart Bionic Limbs are Reengineering the Human – Popular Mechanics)


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