Posted: May 30, 2012 by Wildcat in Uncategorized


Ion-Based Electronic Chip to Control Muscles: Entirely New Circuit Technology Based On Ions and Molecules

This group of amazing scientists are working on developing devices that can control muscle movement using chemical signals (like the common cellular signalling substance acetylcholine), rather than non-specific electric signaling mechanisms:

Klas Tybrandt, doctoral student in organic electronics at Linkoping University, Sweden, has developed an integrated chemical chip.

The Organic Electronics research group at Linköping University previously developed ion transistors for transport of both positive and negative ions, as well as biomolecules. Tybrandt has now succeeded in combining both transistor types into complementary circuits, in a similar way to traditional silicon-based electronics.

The chips they are developing can deliver bio-molecular signals to individual cells, revolutionizing bio-circuit technology.  These devices may play a particularly important role in future therapies for neuro- and muscular- degenerative diseases!


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