Posted: May 28, 2012 by Wildcat in Uncategorized

The personal computer and small, cheap printers begot desktop publishing and the publishing industry was completely disrupted. Then came the internet and online publishing and, well, we know what happened next. Here we are. Just as personal computing forever changed publishing, increasingly cheap and accessible manufacturing tools will likely forever change manufacturing. During last weekend’s Maker Faire, Mark Hatch breathlessly championed the entrepreneurs who are using Tech Shop to create prototypes of their products. But once a startup has made a prototype, the next step is mass production. “I predict that you’ll be able to buy a 3D printer at Walmart within five years,” Chris Anderson, Wired’s editor in chief told Maker Faire attendees. That’s great, he added, but a desktop 3D printer of the type one will soon purchase at a department store does not a manufacturing revolution make. Real change will require manufacturing services, he said. (via Maker Faire: Ponoko and the rise of the personal factory | SmartPlanet)


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