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if you want to earn some extra cash, then there are few more satisfying – and addictive – ways than “mining gold” in a make-believe world, says Tom Chatfield. I’ve only ever deleted one game from my computer because I was playing it too much, and that’s Diablo 2. It was the early 2000s. I was supposed to be writing a thesis, but instead I found that I was pouring my evenings and then my nights into exploring virtual dungeons in search – and this was the root of its grip – of better and better equipment for my in-game character. The deeper into the game you got, the more powerful the items became. Each foe you vanquished – and I hacked and slashed my way through tens of thousands – was like a box containing hidden delights. The moment it was dispatched, you got to keep whatever came out: magical armour, weapons, in-game gold, or perhaps a vanishingly rare rune that only one in ten thousand foes carried. (via BBC – Future – Technology – Diablo 3: A virtual world of money)


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