What’s left to explore? Nathan Wolfe

Posted: May 22, 2012 by Wildcat in Biology, Biotechnology, Evolution, Genetics, Medicine, Molecular Biology, Nature, Science, TED Talks
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We’ve been to the moon, we’ve mapped the continents, we’ve even been to the deepest point in the ocean — twice. What’s left for the next generation to explore? Biologist and explorer Nathan Wolfe suggests this answer: Almost everything. And we can start, he says, with the world of the unseeably small.

Armed with blood samples, high-tech tools and a small army of fieldworkers, Nathan Wolfe hopes to re-invent pandemic control — and reveal hidden secrets of the planet’s dominant lifeform: the virus.

  1. s0l0n1a says:

    Believe it or not… MUCH more!
    All we can do is waiting, searching for the next signs. But humans are impatient beings. . .

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