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The original projects focused on very wide-angled objectives, dedicating all efforts to the creation of systems and experiences through which it is possible to observe and (try to) understand the impacts that the wide and ubiquitous availability of digital technologies and networks has on the ways in which we perceive and use our city spaces and on the ways in which we relate, learn, work and entertain ourselves.

With Maps of Babel ( as well as with other experimental research projects with Maps of Babel the team has recently brought up or participated to, such as the projects which you can find HERE and which they’re doing together with Luca SimeoneGiorgia Lupi and Paolo Patelli, together with Milan’s Polytechnic University, its Department of Architecture and PlanningDensity Design and Accurat) they started focusing on more specific perspectives, trying to address real-life issues of our cities, and we started from the practices of Urban Planning.

More info: Maps of Babel


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