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In partnership with Denokinn, an investment group, MIT is piloting a new ‘urban transport system’ in Spain, featuring cars that can adapt to a city’s fast-changing environment. It may be tiny, but it’s driving a big vision. This electric vehicle from MIT is the first commercial stage of a new urban transport system. It’s designed to give city dwellers the freedom of individual transport, without the stress of tailbacks and endless searches for parking spaces. The car has been branded Hiriko – the Basque word for ‘urban’ – by the (Spanish) Basque investment groupDenokinn, which has partnered MIT to take it to the road. Kicking off with a trial production of 20 cars and a pilot programme in Vitoria Gasteiz, near Bilbao, Denokinn plans to bring the car to cities around the world, targeting a vehicle price of €12,500 if sold to private individuals. Barcelona, Berlin and San Francisco have also signed up for trial runs. (via MIT Introduces Modular, Foldable Car – Urban Times)


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