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Korea To Deploy Robotic Corrections Officer

[Robo-guard is] a robotic corrections officer designed to help keep tabs on troublesome South Korean inmates… Equipped with 3D cameras, a microphone, and a program that helps it spy unwanted behavior, Robo-guard cruises the halls all by his lonesome, keeping a keen eye out for anything out of the ordinary.

If need be, Robo-guard can be controlled by prison personell using nothing more than an iPad. Otherwise, this blocky robotic hero goes about his business completely unattended. If, by chance, he happens upon something truly uncouth, Robo-guard immediately alerts those in charge…

Developed by the Asian Forum for Corrections, Robo-guard is still being tested, though prison officials hope to have the robotic security guard roaming other prisons shortly. “The purpose of developing this kind of robot is to secure prisoners’ life and security and to decrease the workload of corrections officers in a poor working environments,” said AFC chairman Lee Baik-Chul, who went on to call the robot a “game changer”.

(via Meet Robo-guard: South Korea’s Robotic Corrections Officer | WebProNews)


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