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Healthcare Industry on the Leading Edge of Robotics:

via joshbyard:

In the years ahead, robots could operate in homes to care for elderly people, helping with tasks such as dispensing meds or running virtual doctor’s visits.

Already, other forms of robots, such as droid-like machines in hospitals or prosthetics, are starting to make a mark in health care. Many robotics companies are gravitating toward health care which they see as a potential high-volume consumer market for robots.

The primary hurdle is finding solid business plans for getting robots in the door, say experts.

“Extending independent living at home (for the elderly) will ultimately turn out to be the killer app for robots,” said Colin Angle, the CEO of iRobot, at an event organized by the MIT Enterprise Forum this week. “The challenge is that robotics is so exciting, you have massive companies investing millions of dollars building cool as opposed to building value.”

(via The robodoctor will see you now | Cutting Edge – CNET News)


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