Posted: April 3, 2012 by Wildcat in Uncategorized


BBC News – Third of UK babies ‘will live to 100’

In 2012 there are 826,000 babies aged under one year. Although more are boys – 423,000 compared to 403,000 girls – the survival odds are greater for females. Women have higher life expectancies than men at every age.

Of those born in 2012, 135,000 men and 156,000 women are expected to still be alive by age 100.

The report – What are the Chances of Surviving to Age 100? – comes as ministers have pledged to double funding for dementia research in the UK.

If this holds true over time it will continue to have all sorts of implications. Everything from the economic situation for both society and individuals to different values and ways to think of life and life stages. Is e g the promise of a longer life having an effect on how we relate to our institutions and infrastructures which originally was created to create longer term stability than what any individual could oversee, but which today seems to have a shorter term perspective than what any individual can afford to have. Especially when promised to live until 100…


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