Posted: March 30, 2012 by Wildcat in Uncategorized

Google has released a video taken in January of the first user of it’s self-driving car, Daniel “Steve” Mahan, who is 95 percent blind. The video shows Steve casually sitting in the driver seat of a blue Toyota Prius outfitted with laser range finders, radar, cameras, and inertia sensors as a Google employee in the passenger seat monitors the car via laptop. With a “self-driving car” label on the bumper, the vehicle successfully zooms around town allowing Steve to pick up his dry cleaning and go through the drive-thru of a Taco Bell for lunch. Google posted the video along with news that its tricked out cars have logged 200,000 miles on the road, but makes it clear that this was merely a technical experiment and a way to let Steve experience the possibilities in autonomous driving, which someday may become a reality. (via First User Of Google’s Self-Driving Car Is Legally Blind | Singularity Hub)


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