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watch: Jascha – ‘Limited’

“The idea is that instead of trying (and failing) to design machines to be as smart as we are–to be our equals–we should settle for making them only as “smart” as is necessary to forge simple, positive, useful emotional connections with us, like pets…That way, nobody gets hurt”

Dir. John Pavlus ( remixing footage from 2001: A Space Odyssey (dir. Stanley Kubrick); Moon (dir. Duncan Jones); Robocop (dir. Paul Verhoeven); TRON (dir. Steven Lisberger); and WarGames (dir. John Badham).

Words and music by Jascha Hoffman (
Music produced by Leo Sidran in Brooklyn. (

Follow @jaschahoffman for an exclusive remix of this song!

(by jshoffm)

ht to SCIAM


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