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Is it possible for one person to love more than another? In an attempt to find out, filmmaker Brent Hoff teamed with Stanford University neuroscientists to test lovers’ abilities, using an fMRI to monitor brain activity and measure whose adoration was the strongest. The results can be seen in The Love Competition, a short film directed by Hoff (watch the whole thing below). The San Francisco director, who edits DVD magazine Wholphin, said he knows the idea of reducing love to a neurochemical blood sport might rub some people the wrong way, but he hopes people see the film in the good-natured way he intended. “With the way we view sports, we look at them in such a hard, unforgiving way — you win or you don’t — and the idea of taking love and making it either-you-win-or-you-don’t is, I agree, kind of horrible,” Hoff told Wired. “But that’s not what this film is.” (via Video: Neuroscientists Measure Brain Activity in Love Competition | Underwire |


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