Can pills change our morals? Molly Crockett (TEDxZurich 2011)

Posted: October 13, 2011 by Wildcat in Bioethics, Biology, Biotechnology, Brain, Brain, Neuroscience, Civilization, Consciousness, Ethics, Evolution, Genetics, Humanism, Mind, Molecular Biology, Philosophy, Psychology, Science, TED Talks
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Does your sense of fairness depend on what you ate for breakfast? Can Prozac influence your judgment of what is right or wrong? How can we encourage people to care about the welfare of others? Molly Crockett’s research addresses these questions. She believes that understanding the brain can enable us to design environments that promote cooperation instead of selfishness.

Molly Crockett studies the neurobiology of morality and altruism. Her research has taken her far from her native Southern California, where she studied psychology as an undergraduate at the University of California, Los Angeles. Molly’s curiosity about brain chemistry led her to the University of Cambridge, where she completed her PhD in neuroscience as a Gates Scholar. Now she collaborates with economists at the University of Zürich and neuroscientists at University College London. (TEDxZurich 2011)

h\t to Transcurve

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