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ZenRobotics Ltd. – The Trailer   

A small start-up saves the planet from waste!

Everything we build eventually turns to waste. By any logic, we would
need an equal dismantling industry. Where is it?

The world’s recycling industry is just starting its growth. In short, for
us to survive on Earth, the recycling industry must grow to effectively
negate our manufacturing industry.

Each ton of ready customer goods requires a staggering 70 tons of raw
materials. The price of raw materials has gone up 10 % annually, for a

We are running out of raw materials.

Humans generate an unfathomable amount of waste, but thanks to the
well-functioning waste logistics, the ordinary first world citizen is often
spared the sheer scale of the problem. But fear not! The robot boffins
at the explosively growing ZenRobotics Ltd. are going to save the
world with intelligent robots.

See intelligent industrial robots picking recyclables from waste.
See the future!


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