Posted: December 20, 2010 by Wildcat in Uncategorized

Tron: Legacy boasts an adequate quest-type narrative, enthusiastic performances by its young cast members and a capable turn by Oscar-winner Jeff Bridges as he reprises his role as a genius code warrior exiled within a digital kingdom of his own making. But let’s be honest: It’s Tron: Legacy’s alterna-world spectacle, not intricately crafted character arcs, that packs the big punch for this 3-D sequel to Steven Lisberger’s original light-cycle fantasy. For Tron’s 21st-century iteration, first-time feature director Joseph Kosinski relied on veteran designers to stretch the boundaries of believability as he crafted the movie’s computer world. Tron: Legacy’s visual wizzes gathered in Los Angeles before the movie’s Friday opening to shed light on the sequel’s upgraded light cycles, recognizers and sexed-up siren outfits. Also on hand: designers from Digital Domain, of Benjamin Button fame, who explained how they grafted the thirty-something head of actor Bridges, who just turned 61, onto the neck of body double John Reardon. Read on for Tron: Legacy concept art and a behind-the scenes look at the movie, as seen through the eyes of Hollywood designers Christine Bieselin Clark, Daniel Simon, Eric Barba and Steve Preeg. (via Dreaming Up Tron: Legacy’s Sexy Sirens, Wicked Light Cycles and Other Killer Visuals | Underwire |



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