Posted: November 8, 2010 by Wildcat in Uncategorized

What will this next decade look like?

The future is a high-resolution game. Never before has humanity been able to explore the emerging landscape in such detail, to measure the forces of change at such vast scales, and to fill in the details with such fine grain. But this high-resolution grid is not complete. It challenges us to envision and build the future we want. As both gamers and creators of the game, we will fill in the grid over the coming decade. The 2010 Ten-Year Forecast Map of the Decade is a map of this emergent game space. It starts by benchmarking the big forces that will shape the decade: * The Carbon Economy * The Water Ecology * Adaptive Power * Cities in Transition * Molecular Identity Then it invites us to engage in a strategic contest with the future, using the grid as a gameboard. Each cell is a scenario where we could win or lose. Taken together, the cells add up to four over-arching alternative scenarios: * Growth: One Step Ahead of Disaster * Constraint: Sustainable Paths in a Low-Capital World * Collapse: Local Disaster, Regional Conflicts * Transformation: Superstructed Systems (via What will this next decade look like? | Institute For The Future



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