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Techonomy: Technology + Economy

What will cities of the future look like
Unleash collaborative energies and capabilities of everyone
Need new ideas for climate and global growth ?
Enough water, resouces and energy
Recycle waste
Energy with less environmental impact
Imagine a clean future
Technology and Innovation in all things
Techonomy = Technology (invention) and economics
The three founders (David Kirkpatrick, Brent Schlender and Peter Petre) and Bill Joy was a key advisor. Partnering with 100 people and Intel.
Kaplan creating Techonomy courses and integrating into business courses.
Challenges (resource depletion, climate change, etc…)

Optimistic about the networked society (multiplier of collective capability)
They are referring to it as cumulative IQ and collective intelligence.

via ->nextbigfuture


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