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WaNoMirror, first mirror connected to Twitter via NoDesign

WaNoMirror is a simple and common object in everyone’s home: a mirror.
But it is also an object that provides information and services. It is both a screen and network window that displays thoughts sent on Internet by your friends or the subjects you are interested in, from the Internet service Twitter. It reflects your appearance and your everyday participation in the digital world.
WaNoMirror also knows where it is by “materializing” tweets from the infosphere around your home. This object can be defined as a NeoObject, a result and a consequence of Internet Services. WaNoMirror is a connected “thing” that prefigures the ”internet of things”, a constellation of objects and networked connectivity, combining software with physical interfaces. This object is a result of an ”open innovation” approach to design.

WaNoMirror is a physical object-interface, connected to Twitter. Screen changing is done by a simple gesture, moving a hand in the upper part of the mirror. Open source technology has been used in this project, in particular “Arduino”, “Processing”, “Twitter4j” and “OpenFrameworks”.
How to send a message to WaNoMirror
Using Twitter, you can send a message to WaNoMirror from your iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian, Pocket PC or from your home computer using hash tag #wanomirror in your message.

Designed & Self-Manufactured by NoDesignLab Jean-Louis Frechin & Uros Petrevski |

via : mattermedia:

via: prostheticknowledge:


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