Ready for a 500 terabyte iPod?

Posted: October 19, 2008 by mohir in Technology
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How big can the iPod get?
How big is your iPod? Bet it’s not 500 terabytes, but it soon could be, thanks to researchers at the University of Glasgow.

The clever Scots have created new nanotechnology that’ll cram 500,000 GB (or just under 500 terabytes) onto a single chip just one inch square.
That’s enough space to store a mind boggling 127 million songs on a device as small as an iPod shuffle.

Explaining the science behind it all, Professor Lee Cronin said: “What we have done is find a way to potentially increase the data storage capabilities in a radical way. We have been able to assemble a functional nanocluster that incorporates two electron donating groups, and position them precisely 0.32 nm apart so that they can form a totally new type of molecular switching device.
There’s no word on when (or even if) the new technology will go into production, but you can bet Apple’s already eyeing it, along with armies of other tech firms. Watch this space.

I am ready 🙂

  1. Tyler says:

    127 million songs! Are there even that many songs?

  2. jahooma says:

    BS. I don’t believe this for a second; it would be much bigger news if they figured out how to store so much information. The funny part is that the best application they can think of for their new technology is being able to store more songs on your iPod.
    Notice too how they “explain” it by saying it’s nanotechnology. Since everyone sees nanotechnology as that new promising field, they can fool a lot of people that don’t understand any of the science.

  3. there are 127 million songs, but only 672 are worth listening to.

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