US citizens weigh in on nanotechnology for human enhancement

Posted: August 25, 2008 by Spaceweaver in Bioethics, Culture, Ethics, Technology, The Singularity, Futurism, Uncategorized
Highly important and interesting read.
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In March 2008, eighty-six people across six nationwide panels participated in the National Citizens’ Technology Forum on “Human Enhancement Through Nanotechnology.” These citizens ranged from teens to seniors and had no previous expertise or experience in nanotechnology. They studied background material, met face-to-face, and participated in nine, two-hour Internet discussion forums with scientist experts. During their final meeting, each panel wrote a Citizen’s Report that outlines their optimism, concerns and recommendations regarding human enhancement technologies.
The reports address socio-economic, safety, environmental, health and governance issues, as well as regulatory challenges and human identity concerns. This project gives average citizens a voice in the early stages of nano-scale science and engineering research and development.
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Arizona Final Report

California Final Report

Colorado Final Report

Georgia Final Report

New Hampshire Final Report

Wisconsin Final Report

  1. david says:

    Is nano technology being used on humans to see what kind of enhancements it can provide ?? and if so what are the benefits of it, is there any way it can help me? with out hurting me. Ive been trying to find some clear answers on alot of questions i have but am haveing a difficult time finding any answers. Maybe someday science can help me that would be great.

  2. Spaceweaver says:

    David, Nanothecnology, is a young technology which shows early signs of maturing. Yet, it is still a long way from being directly used for human augmentations. The first applications will probably be medical. New diagnostic techniques and a few cutting edge cancer therapies are based on nanotechnology, and are in early stage testing.
    Beyond that we can expect in the coming two to three decades major breakthroughs in nanotechnology that will have many beneficial applications. A good book to start with is “The singularity is near”. There are many good sources on the net, some of which we try to provide in this blog.

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