Study shows playing video games can change behaviour and biology

Posted: August 7, 2008 by Spaceweaver in Education, Medicine, Multimedia, Psychology, Uncategorized
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Interesting result hinting towards the future benefits of interacting with virtual environments.
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In Re-Mission players pilot a nanobot named Roxxi as she travels through the bodies of fictional cancer patients blasting away cancer cells and battling the side-effects of cancer and cancer treatments.
Video games are among the most popular entertainment media in the world. Now, groundbreaking research involving McMaster University researchers shows that a specially designed video game can promote positive behaviour in young cancer patients that enhances the effectiveness of medical treatment.
The research published in the medical journal Pediatrics provides scientific evidence for a growing field of product development that taps into the positive potential of video games and other popular technology to improve human health.
This study shows that a strategically designed video game can be a powerful new tool to enhance the impact of medical treatment by motivating healthy behaviour in the patient
Participants in the study who used the video game maintained higher levels of chemotherapy in their blood and took their antibiotics more consistently than those in the control group, demonstrating the game’s impact at a biological level.

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